This November, vote YES to Support Our Public Schools

In 2018, San Francisco voters overwhelmingly approved a new tax to fund living wage pay increases for San Francisco public school teachers.  That tax is unfortunately stuck in litigation and the school district can’t access the funds.  Meanwhile, our teachers are working harder than ever to educate children remotely and safely. That’s why we need Prop J. 

Proposition J simply fixes a legal loophole to continue an essential source of funding for San Francisco schools without increasing taxes. By voting yes, we ensure that funding for teachers and classrooms does not get taken away at a time when it is most necessary.

Join the United Educators of San Francisco, Mayor London Breed, the entire Board of Supervisors, the entire Board of Education, the San Francisco Democratic Party and the San Francisco Labor Council and vote YES on Prop J!

To read the full measure, click here. To read the ballot language, click here.

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